Who Should Serve as Todd’s Fictional Co-Host on “The Toddcast?”

Those of you familiar with my sense of humor will quickly follow this idea… and for those who might not, well, welcome to my sense of humor…

As I’ve announced previously via Facebook and this Website, my goal is to augment the site with a podcast (I’m studying the mechanics of that now, and hopefully will figure it out soon enough to begin this summer). Naturally, “the Toddcast” jumped immediately to mind as it’s title. But … recently I’ve been thinking I want to go a little further. I thought adding a fictional “star” of the Toddcast — who conveniently is never around, as he’s always off on some worldly adventure — would be kind of a fun bit… especially as we always invent the ridiculous activity he is up to somewhere around the globe. So, if I’m going to invent a fictional “star” of the Toddcast (the joke, if you haven’t figured it out yet, leaves me as nothing more than the fill-in sidekick each week), that star better have a cool, kick-ass name… somewhere between mystery author hero, anchorman, and soap opera name.

And now, I’ll need YOU to vote on what that name should be, among the choices I’ve come up with. So if you would, please use “Comments” to submit the number or name of your favorite choice. I’ll do the full lead in with each name. … Proceed to vote for:

  1. “The Toddcast, starring Mack Stetson!”
  2. “The Toddcast, starring Buck Jetson!”
  3. “The Toddcast, starring Harp Facto!”
  4. “The Toddcast, starring Bic Neatly!”
  5. “The Toddcast, starring Dirk Speakman!”
  6. “The Toddcast, starring ______ ______!” (a name of your own [the reader’s] invention)

What do you think, Todd Flora’s America?!


  1. Gessica Fawna is good. Who says it has to be a guy? How about Carolina Jones (female, adventurous, and a swing state).

    • Hi Lori! A fair point. But I think I’m going for somebody that is like a J. Pederman type. Sort of a macho throwback who is always off on wild adventures. One of the things I can assure you is that I will have a TON of female contributors. If you read my blog posts about TV shows, you’ll certainly see that. Plus, my wife Erin will join me every once in a while.

    • Thanks Shelly! That was one of the first one’s I thought of, because of what we could do with “you just got the cold Harp Facts!” … but some of the others are fun, too.

  2. I have to go with the females on this one. All the anchormen have a female sidekicks. You know my friend who lives in Santa Monica and does consulting work for the LAPD when they have a tough case to solve, what with high rents and all, could use the extra money.You must remember my friend, Flora Tanenbaum? She’s been in town over twelve years and still hasn’t found a nitch. I send her cards on holidays, but I rarely hear from her, and she needs to get out there more. If you insist on a celebrity it will kill your production budget

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