Unanswered Questions from the “Big Little Lies” Finale


Sunday was the finale of HBO’s “Big Little Lies,” staring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, and several other great folks. They play parents of young (and some grown) children in Monterey, and cattiness between several of them is alive and well. At the center of this “from the beginning” tale is who was murdered at a school fundraiser as the show opened it’s curtain to the public.

I thought I would give this show a try, and quickly found myself hooked. And, despite the fact that the miniseries was based on a novel, I feel like there are several unanswered questions to create answers for. I’m hoping you, my readers, can help me with your own thoughts on the following:

Seriously Asking:

  • Does Ed ever find out? If so, does he leave Madeline?
  • Do Ed and Nathan ever hug it out and become friends?
  • Do Madeline and the theater director’s wife get into a cat fight?
  • Does Celeste stay in Monterey? Or will she eventually need to wipe the horrid memories of that town from her and the twin’s consciousness? Does she consider the twin’s feelings about moving away from their ½ brother?

On the Lighter Side …

  • Was there actually any TRIVIA at Trivia Night? Or was it more of the talent show we saw? (for some reason, I REALLY need to know the answer to this … I love Trivia)
  • Will the twins ever pull a “switcheroo” with the ladies as teenagers, resulting in disaster for the other one’s girlfriend?
  • Which kid currently has the hippo for the night?!
  • Does Jane remain immune to California’s affordability crisis?
  • Does little D.J. grow up to be an awesome musician or a top music executive? (if there are any left in 20 years)
  • Does Ed regrow his oversized beard?

I’ll look forward to your thoughts!


  1. In the book, Celeste returns to practicing law, stays in the town an sets up a fund to help support Ziggy. Also Bonnie comes forward and is given community service for her role in Perry’s death.

    • Did we ever find out why Jane moved to Monterey and I blinked or something? And what was up with Bonnie’s instantaneous decision to attack Perry? Was she into martial arts as well as yoga, or is there an unexplored backstory between her and Perry?

      • I think they hinted that Bonnie had been abused before her relationship with Reese’s Ex, and Yoga was part of her healing process? So she was quick to act.

  2. Ed definitely figured it out trivia night. But he finally got the pasion he’d been wanting from Madeline that night, so he decided not to say anything. He also figured out it was probably the damn beard all along.

    I really do want to know what happened to the hippo! Did they leave him at Frozen on Ice? In the limo?

  3. The beard. It was definitely the beard. And he would’ve had to be SO dense to not know about Madeline and Nathan….that tension was THICK.
    And I’m totally with you on Trivia night…I was giddy about that! But no, there was no Trivia…why must they mislead us so?!?!
    I’m pretty sure everyone stays together…they are all insanely wealthy/fashionable as is…I don’t think they could afford to divorce! Plus I feel as though Madeline would NEVER be ok with having been divorced TWICE. Oh, the horror…
    (And I didn’t read the book and I’m SO tooting my own horn here, but I knew it was Perry by episode 2….yes I’m THAT good at picking out horrible men. It’s a gift. I usually end up dating them, though…?)
    SUCH A GREAT SHOW!! Sad it’s over…and it was only 7 episodes…I need more in my life!!

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