Todd’s Random Musings, Vol. 2

I’ll get right to it —

  • Last week on Facebook, I posted my belief that the way to coax Trump into spilling something about Russia was to fill the airwaves with doubt that, “he just isn’t smart enough to have pulled something like that off.” This week, I would argue that the way to get him off this ridiculous idea of holding a big military parade is for every writer, every progressive talking head, and every social media participant (all of us) to flood the airwaves, referring to this potential clusterfuck ONLY as “Trump’s Compensation Parade.”
  • And not for nothing … but I’m the guy who always jokes “That’s nice, but where is that bomber SUPPOSED TO BE?!” or “Ladies and Gentlemen, your tax dollars at work!” every time a B-2 or fighter jets fly over a sporting event. So, in this case, here’s my question: If you were an enemy of the United States, wouldn’t the ideal time to attack, or stage a major terrorist event, or ability to mass several volatile, live targets in one place … be during “Trump’s Compensation Parade?” (see how this messaging thing works?)
  • Does anyone else realize the Winter Olympics are upon us? I have never known an Olympic year to feel “less like an Olympic year.” Is ANYONE talking about it?  Do you have the “Olympic fever?” … I can barely muster any spirit and Shaun White even got a haircut!!  I mean, this is the United States of America, and we had to have Pence accompany the U.S. Team to Korea. Mike freaking Pence? Now that’s excitement!…?  I feel like North and South Korea’s goodwill attempts at cooperation are the only storyline making headlines. Can you even name any of our bobsled pairs? A figure skating couple? Outside of White and Lindsey Vonn, who are the American stars?
  • The Eagles won the freaking Super Bowl! More important to most of us, the Patriots LOST!  … and yet in today’s America, that joy seems so short lived. I went to college with about 12% of Easter Pennsylvania, and I’m thrilled for those friends. But this kind magic would have to happen every day until 2020 for some to hang their hat on something hopeful. Not ME of course. I’m a stable genius and have this incredibly successful website.
  • Also, you heard it here first: The Patriots will MISS THE PLAYOFFS next season (and if they don’t, thank you for conveniently forgetting this hot take).
  • Did anyone else watch Steven Soderbergh’s “Mosaic” on HBO? If so, could the outcome have been more disappointing?! And why did they never explain the significance of the, what I’ll call “4 arrows and dot” tattoo?  What am I missing?
  • The resurrected classic, “Match Game,” hosted by Alec Baldwin on ABC, has been a guilty pleasure lately. And don’t you dare judge me! It’s not my fault it happens to fill my regular “Designated Survivor” time slot, and that Designated Survivor is on hiatus trying to figure out what the hell kind of show it wants to be (Literally. I really don’t think they know what to do next). I’ll take A-, B, and C+ entertainers coming up with funny matches over re-runs anyday.
  • Stay tuned for the following post in the near future: My concept, and casting preferences for, …“NCIS: Great Lakes!” (I’m not kidding. I’ve been working on it off and on for weeks).
  • The Academy Awards will be held on Sunday, March 4. And, as I’ve previously pointed out here at “Todd Flora’s America,” Kobe Bryant is nominated for an Oscar for a short film about basketball. What galls me is that the press has picked up that on several occasions now at pre-Oscar events and parties, Hollywood’s big starts – including many prominent women – have been cozying up to Kobe for photographs. Does this one need an explanation? I feel I’m owed one as a supporter of women. For those of you who may not remember references to “Eagle, Colorado,” let me remind you that what this means is that the #MeToo and #TimesUp crowd are buddying up to an accused rapist and dirt bag. So, I ask – What gives, ladies?!?!
  • Finally, and I know this will likely lead to several “comments,” but whoa is me: THIN MINTS SUCK. Now, before you get on your high horse, let’s be clear – I love America. And each year, I support the Girl Scouts through an annual purchase of several boxes of Dos-i-Dos, their peanut butter cookie. But I don’t care if you freeze them or eat them at room temperature, you are just not going to convince me – despite the multitudes that live off of them every February – that Thin Mints are worth a damn. Please also chime in if you feel the same way, and have been too afraid until now to speak the truth!!

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  1. Hollywood is nothing if not hypocritical. How do you explain their continued adoration/martyrdom of Roman Polanski, even though he drugged and sexually assaulted an underage girl? How not ironic that Weinstein was one of his biggest supporters.

    Thin mints may be the most overrated cookie out there. I feel like the taste of Girl Scout cookies in general has been in steady decline for a while now, probably due to efforts to make them healthier. If I’m eating a cookie I accept the negative health affects!

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