Todd’s Random Musings, Vol. 1

My dear readers, you’ve seen Volume 1 of what I call a “Catch All” column ( ), where I provide a few paragraphs on each of the pillars of Todd Flora’s America – Politics, Sports, and Pop Culture. Well, welcome to my first “Random Musings” stream of consciousness, where my “hi-jinks” kicks in. These are a series of independent, and sometimes loosely organized, thoughts on my mind this week. Enjoy.

  • Just how many big or small screen major hits do we need to give Winston Churchill? We’re up to 3 movies in the last 15 years, plus John Lithgow’s substantial turn in Netflix’s “The Crown”
  • Based on people I talk to, if Tony Romo were given a Rotten Tomatoes score for his performance in the NFL broadcast booth, it would be a 96%
  • I’ll probably cover this again in a longer column on “uniquely American shame techniques,” but tell me again why “Divorced” is a category box for “marital status?” If not shame – what purpose does it serve a doctor, employer, credit card company, etc.? You are either married, single, or widowed/widower (which has merit for reasons surrounding Social Security or Veterans benefits), no? And don’t even get me started on “Separated.” What business is that of anybody’s?!  So, if you are divorced, friends, I encourage you to ALWAYS just check “single.” Deny their “Scarlet D” by refusing to give into this piece of America’s culture of shame
  • Why is the annual USC / UCLA football game not more famously known as “The Cross-Town Showdown?” This is a fantastic nickname and should certainly be spread as far and wide as far more boring but well-known rivalry game nicknames like “Big Game,” or “The Apple Cup,” etc
  • I’m glad Matt Lauer “got his.” I always hated that smug, narcissistic son of a bitch. And he sounds like a real perv…
  • … but am absolutely HEARTBROKEN over Al Franken, who I have always considered a real hero, not to mention someone who really makes me laugh. I think he is handling things well – sincere, genuine apologies and calling for his own Ethics investigation are far better than the deny, deny, deny Republicans – but am not sure he survives. Should we do what he asks – give him a chance to re-earn the trust of Minnesota voters? While of COURSE I worry about the women more, as a true fan, I have to honestly admit about the long-term legacy of a man who I think is a real champion for people who made some serious mistakes. He’s “the one” for me in this huge and important turning-point issue where I admittedly am truly wrestling with my feelings. And I don’t think I’m alone … ?
  • On a lighter note, Lady Mary and Sam the drummer kid from “Love Actually” walk into an old western town …
  • and speaking of Netflix’s “Godless,” actor Scoot McNairy’s (site-impaired Sheriff Bill) existence gives me hope that there will one day be a Weezer bio pic. Seriously, look at these Cuomos… I mean photos!
  • If your question to me is, “Aren’t you sick of the constant barrage of superhero movies?” My answer will always be NO.
  • If your question to me is, 1) “Aren’t you sick of the constant barrage of superhero movies?” AND 2) You regularly watch Real Housewives shows OR the Kardash-i … please get out of my life, and for the love of God get a real one of your own
  • If I had the opportunity to meet Shonda Rhimes, and I could ask her one thing – well, of course it would be a request of her to cast me in one of her shows as a regularly featured “wacky neighbor” type … But if I had a second thing, it would be “why have you made Olivia Pope so detestable?” Because you would have to agree that “Scandal’s” Olivia really has become quite vile, and a very unsympathetic character
  • If the last 4 years are any indication, my NBA team (and yours!) the Los Angeles Clippers, should really be re-named the Los Angeles Injured Reservists
  • Where did Mira Sorvino and Bridget Fonda disappear to? Seriously, if you see either of these two women, call … you know, … some sort of hotline
  • Would everyone do me a favor and stop listing what rock albums or solar-powered utilities they would bring to a “desert island?” Not all islands have a desert terrain. In fact, I would venture to guess very few do. Most – like, you know, all of Micronesia – are quite lush. So please call it a “deserted” island. It’s a small pet peeve. But it counts
  • Fun prank idea I’m dying to launch one day: 1) print up a bunch of pictures of myself with people I know. 2) Crop them into various sizes. Then, 3) Take them to a frame store and, in ever so stealthy fashion, 4) replace the pictures of all the models in the frames with the pictures of me and my friends
  • Ok, I’ll admit it…. I thought Jim Nabors was already dead. Rest in peace, Private Pyle. Thank you for entertaining me on many a sick day when I was a kid
  • If you aren’t watching the CBS sitcom “Life in Pieces,” you are missing out on some major funny (it’s actually now on Thursday’s at 9:30)
  • I LOVE Elizabeth Warren. But I would really like to see some Rustbelt polling (IL, MN, MI, OH, PA, WI) on whether those folks would honestly vote for a woman who appears, and CAN come off to some as, a New England liberal elite professor?

Ok, readers, now let’s see some comments!


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