Todd’s Bold Prediction for How “Game of Thrones” Should End

A wild hair of a theory has come to me recently — what the kids these days may call a “hot take” — as to how the beloved series “Game of Thrones” may come to an end. My theory is also a projection… a sort of aspirational preference, but isn’t a theory without a source. In fact, it’s based on an interview Kit Harrington (who plays Jon Snow) gave on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert recently. Colbert played little games to see what Harrington might give up, but when he wouldn’t budge, displaying quite a strong poker face, Colbert asked him if he’s at least told his new wife, Rose Leslie, who played his Wildling love Ygritte, how it all wraps up … and this is what I thought was interesting. Harrington said no, but that he let her guess all the different combinations of possible outcomes to the show, and let her know that she missed it every time. Which got my mind to thinking:

1) Rose Leslie was on the show for 17 episodes, so she should have been able to make some pretty good educated guesses.

2) Dany is the Queen most are rooting for, but given the patriarchal world of Westeros, Jon would be the heir to the throne once his parentage is revealed. But we know they are on the same side, and the writers may not want to see them at odds.

3) We know that showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss aren’t going to let Cersei Lannister rule in the end, as too many fans would be pissed that the bad guy had been allowed to prevail. The show would instantly join the ranks of “worst series finales ever” in the minds of millions.

… so, what if NO ONE WINS?!  Here’s my hopeful prediction:

1) Our team of protagonists defeat the white walkers by episodes 3 and 4

2) In episodes 5 and 6 they try to figure out who rules Westeros

3) In the last :20 minutes, Jon… about to take the throne but seeing he has lost his … Auntie love goddess, Dany, who looks sad off to the side … pulls something like this:

Jon: “Wait a minute”

Jorah, Tyrion, or whoever: “What is it, my Lord?

Jon: … after a long stare at the Iron Throne, turns to the dozen or so people gathered to see him seated on the throne, and says, “What if we DESTROY the Iron Throne?!”

Everyone: (a collective) “My Lord?!?! … Destroy the Iron Throne?!”
Jon (looking now at Dany, Jamie, Sansa, Theon, Gendry and a rescued Ellaria and Yara, and others): “We have spilled endless amounts of blood for this… a throne of iron that means WHAT?  That MY family rules, and yours is lesser for it? I ask you, friends, what has it gotten us but division and destruction for centuries?!” 

He pauses, waiting for them to speak.
… with his audience still aghast, Jon continues: “What if NOT ONE OF US ruled this Throne, but we destroyed it, and we joined our people so that we might ALL govern the Seven Kingdoms?!” 

OOOooooooo, no?! … And I’m thinking they don’t even need to show how messy the democracy part becomes. After hugs and reconciliations, and a few “atta boys” from the others, they cut to a celebratory ticker tape style parade through Kings Landing with our victors carrying a burning Iron Throne to cheers and love from the people… fade to black!  

What do you think?


  1. HAHA oh noooo, a democratic GOT. Make GOT great again!! It’s.. certainly creative. I’m still hoping for a nihilistic ending. I want the White Walkers to win and kill everyone and the Night King to end the show sitting on the iron throne.

    • Say it ain’t so, Brandon Anderson! … although, the White Walkers didn’t create themselves. It seems almost a fitting end to what the Children of the Forest brought onto the entire land! Thanks for reading.

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