Todd Sets His Fall TV Lineup: Sun — Tues

If you know me, you know that Movies and Television are probably the most important things in my life. I have friends to this day that don’t understand why I don’t work in “the business.” Look, I love my wife, and my dog is cuter than I ever thought anything possibly could be. But even Erin knows that if it ever comes to a point of having to choose her or a strong, scripted TV series … it’s hit the bricks, princess! Just kidding. But I want you to get a sense for how serious I am.

So, with the beginning of fall and the leaves not really changing here in Los Angeles, it’s time to Look to my Entertainment Weekly “Fall TV Preview” and plot out what I’ll be watching as appointment television, NOT watching, maybe unsure of, and watching via Hulu or DVR. Oh, and NO REALITY TV, people. I like shows that employ writers, preferably good ones. And…. This doesn’t even count Streaming TV that I’ll enjoy like the return of The Crown, for example. But Network TV is still very worth discussing. So without further ado –



  • (Likely around) 6:00PM – Reserved for “Star Trek: Discovery” on CBS All Access. Why? We purchased CBS All Access last year for two reasons: 1) [Erin’s only reason] To watch “The Good Fight,” an excellent spinoff of “The Good Wife,” featuring several characters from the old show while introducing a great set of new ones (Delroy Lindo! Erica Tazel from Justified!); and 2) So I could watch the new Star Trek series. I’m a comics/sci-fi geek, so naturally I want to see what CBS can do with a whole new crew at the helm. Plus, Jason Isaacs stars in this new chapter of Star Trek, and I love Jason Isaacs (and so does Erin if you know what I mean. Maybe she will watch after all).
  • 7:00PM – East Coast Feed of Showtime’s “White Famous.” Why? It’s a comedy about the early years of Jamie Foxx’s career, staring SNL alum and brilliant impressionist Jay Pharoah. Tom Kapinos, who brought us “Californication, is an Executive Producer. Kapinos promises to bring back a handful of characters from that show, including the incomparable Steven Tobolowsky (“Ground Hog Day’s” Ned Reyerson) as Hollywood producer Stu Beggs, and real life Hollywood crush Meagan Good as Kali the pop star. Foxx comes in at some point as himself, playing a mentor to Pharoah’s character. How do I not watch this show?
  • 8:00PM – East Coast Feed of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” with Jon Oliver. Why? Because Sue from accounting don’t give a fuck! No one swears better in the Queen’s English than Oliver, and no late not comedy show seems to give the energy and research to good, honest investigative reporting than Last Week Tonight. I mean – Net Neutrality remains intact (for now) to this day in part due to Oliver mobilizing his audience to action, both last year and this year.

Not Watching:

  • 9:00PM – “The Walking Dead.” Guys, I’m not proud of it. I watched the pilot on its premier night years ago, loved it, and then for some reason couldn’t keep up. A “too many shows” problem? Who knows. Maybe one of these years I’ll binge the entire series. Nothing against it. I just wanted you to know why I skip it. It isn’t because I disagree with the rest of the country that it’s good.

On the Fence:

  • 10:00PM – HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” I watched several seasons of the original run until Larry David just sent my anxiety over the edge. The show is one worst case scenario after another and he is so insanely rude … I just don’t know if I can go there again (Readers, use the comments section to convince me).

 Hulu / DVR:

  • 8:30PM – “Ghosted” on Fox. Why? It’s Adam Scott and Craig Robinson. I like these guys. They are funny. And in this, they are hired by a shady government agency to investigate paranormal activity. A funny X-Files? Sign…me… up!
  • 10:00PM – TNT’s “Good Behavior.” Why? Tell me this doesn’t grab you – its Lady Mary herself (Michelle Dockery) playing an American drunk con artist and bad girl. I caught about half of the first season. It may be worth revisiting to see Dockery play the baddie you are rooting for … and of course being constantly dismissive of her sister (I’m sure).



  • 8:00PM – “Supergirl” on the CW. Why? As stated, I’m a comic/sci-fi geek, be they features or TV. The CW has 4 (and counting) superhero offerings, and this is the one I chose to watch. Plus, it’s an easy on the eyes Melissa Benoist (Jeb and I agree!) as Supergirl, who she plays with just the right amount of toughness and cornball (thanks to the writers). In addition, the cast offers up Mehcad Brooks (everyone’s favorite receiver from Necessary Roughness) as Jimmy Olson, Jeremy Jordan as funny, smart/IT-guy sidekick “Winn,” (who of course loves Supergirl’s alter ego, Kara Danvers), Chyler Leigh as the cool, kick-ass sister, Alex Danvers, and finally – David Harwood of Homeland fame as the loveable leader of the group, Hank Henshaw, who happens to be the last surviving Green Martian (it’s a thing).
  • 9:00PM – “Gifted” on Fox. Why? It’s an X-Men spinoff, so naturally I’m giving it a shot. The show centers on a family that goes on the run when the parents find out their two children are mutants (at a time in X-men lore when mutants were being hunted). They have several adventures with other mutants who try and protect them.

Not Watching:

  • 9:00PM – “Kevin Can Wait” on CBS. Because No… just no.
  • 10:00PM – “The Brave” on NBC. I already have my military ops show (stay tuned for Friday’s lineup)

On the Fence:

  • 9:30PM – “Me Myself, and I” on CBS. It’s SNL alum Bobby Moynihan, who I want to support. But not sure this one is getting good reviews, and the show covers 3 points in this guy’s life each week, with 3 differently-aged actors. So, I’m only getting Bobby Moynihan 1/3 of the time? I don’t know.
  • 10:00PM – “The Good Doctor” on ABC. An autistic doctor that has trouble communicating but always comes up with brilliant cures. Meh. Ok? Starring Freddy Highmore?  Freddy Highmore kind of creeps me out. But if I HEAR from others that the writing is good, I’ll revisit. I never watched House, so….

Hulu / DVR

  •  8:00PM – “The Big Bang Theory” on CBS. Why? We joined the Big Bang bandwagon at around Season 5 and have never looked back. My wife and I love the characters, and are personally very supportive of Mayim Bialik and everything about her.
  • 11:30PM – “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert. I’m not going to repeat this each night, so just know what Erin and I tape this every night and watch later in the week. We are solidly in Camp Colbert.
  • 11:30PM – I’ll turn to Hulu to also give “The Opposition” on Comedy Central a try. This is Daily Show correspondent Jordan Klepper’s attempts at his own show.



  • 9:00PM – ABC’s “Black-ish.” Why? We love this show. It’s hysterical. The actors on the show are funny across the board, and the white characters are completely insufferable idiots. And if you AREN’T watching “Black-ish,” let’s just say “I’m profiling you.” Just kidding. But seriously….?
  • 9:30PM – I switch over to Fox for “Brooklyn 99.” Why? I’ve been there since the beginning, and again, hysterical cast across the board, led by Andy Samburg. I missed a few episodes the second half of the year last year, and feet really bad about it. But not as bad as YOU should feel if you aren’t watching Black-ish.
  • 10:00PM – Back to ABC for “Kevin (Probably) Saves the World.” Why? I generally support the Ritter family and everything they do. I was there for Jason Ritter for the single season of “The Event” on NBC, and I’ll be here for him this time as he plays a depressed underachiever who discovers he’s one of only 36 people on Earth destined to help save it. Who doesn’t love shows with guardian angels and destiny?!


Not Watching:

  • 9:00 / 10:00PM – “NCIS Anywhere.” How can there be THAT MUCH “naval crime?” Also, I’m not over 70.
  • 10:00PM – NBC’s “Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders” No thanks. I didn’t care about these guys then, and my interest hasn’t grown

Tuesday is pretty black and white (Much like “Black-ish!”). No fence sitters or recordable-worthy shows that I can see at present.

Please “tune back in” soon for my Wednesday – Saturday lineup. And by all means offer any suggestions in the “Comments” section. Thank you for reading.


  1. No political shows? To me, that seems strange (that Todd Flora’s America wouldn’t include at least one). I see the commentary on Colbert but I mean a show that has an elected official character. Perhaps there aren’t any worth watching nowadays. I enjoyed Jimmy Smits as president, VEEP, Ingobernable (in Spanish, worth checking-out if they have subtitles), and West Wing was….well, ok.

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