Todd (Not Quite) Live Journals The Golden Globes

00:05     Seth does a solid job with jokes zeroing in on sexual harassment issues, probably the best being men in Hollywood can finally hear their names being announced without fear (“Person 1: Did you hear about Willem Dafoe? Person 2: Oh, no!  Person 1: No, he was nominated!”) Meyers then (3:09 in what ends up being the only 2 reference to Trump all night that I heard) nails it with Seth Rogen, admitting he’s the most powerful Seth in Hollywood, (nodding to Rogen), and asking the crowd, “remember when he was the one making trouble with North Korea?” … and in acknowledging the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), points out the fact that there can be no 3 words more designed to infuriate Trump than “Hollywood … Foreign …[and] Press.”

00:08     Oprah and Tom Hanks are good sports about Seth saying they will NEVER be President and Vice President, alluding to his making fun of Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2012 that many observers suggest may have inspired Trump to run.

00:11     Amy and Seth are back!  Love their bit about his mansplaining his “Jokes Seth Can’t Tell.”

00:13     Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot are the first presenters. Well played, HFPA. Starting off with likely the two most popular people in the world is a fine move.

00:14     Nicole Kidman is a classy ambassador for women winning for her incredible role on Big Little Lies. LOVE that she took extra time to thank people in her life, including her activist mom. But we do need to point out that the only kids she acknowledged in her speech were the ones she has with Keith. Not going to snarky negative town … but I’m just sayin’

00:19     Sam Rockwell … is with Leslie Bibb!?!?!  Oh, and Congrats on Best Supporting Actor in a Drama! (3:08       Erin and I are really going to need to see 3 Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri, like fast)

00:25     Zac Efron introduces The Greatest Showman. We’ve heard good reviews from PEOPLE, though Rotten Tomatoes has it rated pretty low. Swing to Hugh Jackman cut away. Erin and I agree that he seems like he must be incredibly kind in real life.

00:31     No brainer – Elizabeth Moss wins for A Handmaid’s Tale. She was so good in a fantastic and important show. Bravo, HFPA (Trust me: This won’t be this show’s last award of the night). “We are the stories in print, and we write them ourselves.” Chills!!!

00:37     The President of the HFPA, a woman, speaks … NOT wearing black. Really? (said as Seth Meyers would)

00:42     Sterling K. Brown wins for This is Us. We get it… but we still aren’t watching. Parenthood was as sad and serious as we could do, NBC. We can’t do “a very special episode” shows anymore, especially when EVERY episode is a “very special episode” designed to make people cry.

00:46     Handmaid’s Tale wins for Best TV, Drama. Told ya Elisabeth Moss wouldn’t be alone.

00:54     Alexander Skarsgaard needs to work on his “Hiii!”

1:10        James Franco wins for The Disaster Artist and gives an incredibly classy speech about friendship and family… it will likely be overlooked because he’s James Franco, which is a shame. Very humble speech from a place of gratitude.

1:28        Allison Janney wins Best Supporting Actress, Comedy, for “I, Tonya.” We haven’t seen the movie yet. But she’s C.J. Cregg, so we love and root for her for everything. She also just delivered a speech that Democrats can’t seem to figure out how to give, connecting Tonya Harding’s working class, disenfranchised story to the media’s perception of people in her position.

1:32        Uh… where’s MICHAEL Douglas?  I’m sure we’ll read about where tomorrow.

1:40        Could Hugh Grant look more disheveled? What’s with his hair? He’s the kind of disheveled that suggests he just “had a go” with someone backstage.

1:53        The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel wins for Best TV Series – Musical or Comedy. It’s official – I guess I need to start watching this show. Plus, Rachel Brosnahan is the star of the show, and she was “Rachel” on House of Cards. So… I kind of feel like I owe her given the horridness she had to endure on House of Cards. Something else to consider at this point: The HFPA LOVES to award new, upstart Amazon shows. Remember, this is the Awards show that practically got people watching Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle

1:56        Aziz Ansari wins for Master of None. It’s official – I guess I need to start … you get it.

2:02        Oprah… if this is launching your campaign, I can’t think of a better speech. #TimesUp!!

2:17        NATALIE PORTMAN JUST WON THE GOLDEN GLOBES. “And here are the All Male Nominees [for Best Director]” … Wow. In a year with Patty Jenkins for “Wonder Woman,: Angelina for “First, they Killed My Father,” Catherine Bigelow for “Detroit,” and Dee Rees for “Mudbound,” among others – I would say that statement is not only fair, but also a scathing indictment of the nomination process. . Guillermo del Toro looks both ashamed and pissed as his name is mentioned first among nominees. Martin McDonagh looks equally “guilty,” Ridley Scott looks …. just frozen. Maybe even pissed off?

2:27        Big Little Lies wins for Best Limited Series or Motion Picture made for TV… and then a man, David E. Kelly, while sure – the show’s writer – is the first to speak. I’m not sure he got the memo. But Michelle looks proud. “Reese, come here and get this.” Um… how about “Reese, this really belongs to you?”

2:32        “My Jessica” [Chastain] and Chris Hemsworth present best Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy. Jessica zings that the winner will receive the balance of her 23% pay gap for making the film. Niiiice!!  You know, I gotta say – and those of you who know me best know I’ve been saying it for years – but that is one fine looking specimen. I mean, I don’t mean to be objectifying, but look up a picture of “gorgeous inside and out” in the dictionary. And boom – you know you’re going to see a picture of Chris Hemsworth, am I right?! … Now, back to Jessica, and the spot on social / feminist / economic points she’s making …

2:34        Saoirse Ronan wins for Lady Bird!!  We … LOVE … HER!  (By the way, it’s Saoirse, like “inertia.”) Lady Bird was one of the true treats of 2017, which was a shit year (but not at the movies!). So, Bravo, Greta Gerwig for casting her and making this movie, which is among other things a love letter to Sactown. Also, bravo to Greta Gerwig for being Greta Gerwig.

2:43        After Seth Meyers (remember him? Like most Golden Globe hosts, he is returning from a long break away from camera) makes a joke about how Alicia Vikander and Michael Keaton are the next “Tina and Amy” and the next “Key and Peele,” … they announce that Lady Bird wins Best Picture, Musical or Comedy. And yes – I do think the joke was supposed to be about Michael FASSBENDER, Alicia Vikander’s Fiancé.

2:58        Isabelle Huppert and Angelina Jolie take the stage to announce Best Actress in a Drama. The first nominee shown is Jessica Chastain … and then the recording went out. The show went long, and we couldn’t watch live, so I guess I’ll have to look up the last 2 winners.

(3:07      Which turn out to be Frances McDormand for Best Actress, Drama, for “3 Billboards” [which means I’m sure we missed a witty and kick ass speech?] and “3 Billboards” itself for Best Picture.)

I will say this. The 75th Golden Globes – They were powerful. They will be remembered as a turning point, and be referenced and clips replayed for years to come. They weren’t fueled by comedy, though there was comedy. There was no Will Farrell and Kristin Wiig presenting moment to keep us laughing for years. The stakes are too high right now in Hollywood. Women needed to get the #Times Up message out and they did so incredibly successfully. So, it was a more serious show, but a celebration indeed. It ran long, but maybe, in a year celebrating a year where such ugliness and disgust was exposed and a turning point reached … perhaps this was the year it needed to be.


  1. Great work, Todd. Thanks. Do you know where there’s a link to Oprah’s full speech, since I missed it, and it appears to have meaningful political traction?

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