The Ringer and The Scott Wars: Speedman v. Foley

Quick Context: I have long been a fan of the albeit imperfect Bill Simmons (sometimes snarky and egotistical, always in-crowd pursuing), the man once known as “The Sports Guy” who was fired by ESPN after 14 years of very entertaining, witty, and down-to-earth “guys-guy” commentary both in print and in later years on-air. In his last 3 years with ESPN, he launched a terrific Website, “Grantland,” (named for legendary sports writer Grantland Rice), which, before ESPN took it down upon his dismissal, was a great hub for sports and pop culture (kind of like TFA with a budget and employees!). ¬†Simmons is back with a huge contract with HBO for a weekly Wednesday night “hang and chat” formatted show on the network. He also turned “Grantland” into “The Ringer,” and it continues to be a home away from my TFA home.

Ok, so ladies (and not just a few gents), I have to share an all too entertaining head to head pop culture matchup indicative of the kinds of “too much time on one’s hands” nature that I just love. Check out this piece by The Ringers’s Sam Donsky (Twitter: @danceremix), where he pits legendary heart throbs Scott Speedman and Scott Foley in a competitive comparison. Enjoy! ¬†



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