Set Aside the Chrises. Let’s Rank the U.K.’s Ruperts!

No one is immune from having a favorite Chris or 3, or 4 for those still hanging in there with Pratt. But I’m on a years-long campaign to get the world talking about the U.K.’s finest Ruperts. So, in the spirit of the Chris lists, here is my CURRENT ranking of Ruperts. Let the debate begin, keeping in mind the list can change monthly based on how “it” a particular Rupert becomes

Your grandchildren will know him

Rupert Grint – The affable ginger just enjoyed big ratings for the HBOMax Harry Potter reunion and is currently appearing on Apple TV+’s “Servant,” brought to us by M. Night Shayamalan.

NOT Orlando Bloom

Rupert Friend – This impressive chameleon was hypnotically good as Peter Quinn on “Homeland.” But more recently had an ensemble part in “The French Dispatch” and will appear in the anticipated Obi-Wan Kenobi series for Disney+

We never really loved Frank, man

Rupert Evans – Best known for Guillermo del Toro’s “Hellboy” films and as Frank on “The Man in the High Castle,” Evans is soon to appear in Season 2 of Netflix’s steamy Shandaporn series, “Bridgerton.”

Stays Close to Home

Rupert Graves – While most known for staying in England, American crossover audiences know him from the original “Death at a Funeral,” as Lestrade on Sherlock, and as the second detective in “V for Vendetta.”

Due for a comeback

Rupert Everett – The only work I’ve known from Everett of late is the work he’s had done to his face. Come on, Rupert. It’s time to “say a little prayer for you(rself)” and wake up!

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