October is My Favorite Month — Because it’s Sports Heaven

People are always asking me (let’s just pretend), “Todd, what’s your favorite month of the year?” And I of course respond to the curious multitudes, without hesitation, “OCTOBER.” Why October?  That’s easy. October, my friends, is “Sports Heaven.”



Just look at this incredible confluence of events:

  • The NFL is back and in full swing
  • College football enters its mid-season “who’s a contender, who’s a pretender” mode
  • Major League Baseball enters playoff mode. Do you think Reggie Jackson was nicknamed “Mr. October” because of how well her performed in off season winter ball? No – it’s because the World Series takes place in… October.
  • NHL Hockey returns
  • NBA Basketball returns
  • The WNBA Finals conclude in the early days of the month
  • College Hoops is gearing up for pre-season tournaments
  • Europe’s elite professional soccer leagues are back in the early run of their seasons – the English Premier League, La Liga in Spain, the German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, and France’s Ligue 1.
  • For domestic soccer fans, the MLS starts its run toward the playoffs
  • And, given there is a men’s World Cup next year, when soccer stars aren’t playing for their professional clubs, they are playing for their country in World Cup Qualifying matches
  • The National Women’s Soccer League is also rounding out it’s season
  • Finally, NASCAR has jumped into “the Chase.” (that’s their “Playoffs.”)

One literally can’t turn around without bumping into multiple sports to watch. Real aficionados find themselves balancing lineups in multiple sports fantasy leagues.

When you think about it, October makes sense. It’s the early fall, where weather is still warm, or at it’s coolest, “crisp,” around much of the world … not too cold for outdoor competition. And when things do get chilly, we find ourselves taking to indoor sports like the NBA and NHL. In the months to come, we don’t even mind the chill. Some of the more legendary NFL games are battled out on “the frozen tundra” of some midwestern stadium, the early fall sunsets setting shadows across the field.

Even when sports aren’t accessible or there aren’t games that interest me, October also delivers plenty of returning TV shows and Oscar-worthy movie releases. But the real key to the month is the incredible convergence I’ve assigned the moniker “Sports Heaven.” So, hand me my Kansas City Chiefs cap, my Jackie Robinson Dodgers jersey, my L.A. Clippers socks, L.A. Kings polo, and my Southhamption long-sleaved T-shirt. I’m ready to suit up and root for my teams dawn until dusk!  if anyone hears a complaint out of me in October, you have license to slap me silly across the face and remind me — “Todd, snap out of it my friend. It’s October. You’ve living in Sports Heaven.”

#OctoberisSportsHeaven (let’s get this trending by the end of the day)!

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