My Dad Pitches a Great Movie Idea

My dad, the great Mike Flora, shares my love of movies. The other day around the lunch table, he shared a movie idea with me and some folks at the office that I definitely think has big potential, and is certainly worthy of discussion. It is the idea for a huge blockbuster that would combine the Bond and Bourne franchises. Here’s how he sees it playing out (but in my own words):

The “ends justifies the means” baddy bureaucrats at the CIA who we love to hate in the Bourne franchise have approached “M” at MI6. The proposition – Jason Bourne doesn’t just have dirt on some of the more shady counter-intelligence programming at the CIA, but perpetrated by MI6 as well. So the CIA needs MI6 to help them do what they have yet been able to do themselves: Bring down Jason Bourne!  Who do they enlist? Their top man himself, 007.

The film takes on a strong cat-and-mouse game that pits the suave baccarat-playing, martini drinking Bond up against the hardscrabble, much more working class Bourne as they chase or avoid each other around exotic, if not sexy, global destinations. But at a pivotal moment 2/3 of the way through the film, Bourne is able to get a convincing message to James Bond that completely opens his eyes to the atrocity or atrocities in question perpetrated by MI6 bureaucrats and fellow agents he thought were better men than evidence suggests. The last 1/3 of the movie becomes Bond finding Bourne, them have a VERY “cool guy” conversation/get to know you session in some clandestine location that builds trust. From there, they set out to burn the bad elements within their respective governments, rendering Bond’s reputation untarnished and winning Bourne accolades and basically a free pass to now go live his life on his own terms.

… until the next crisis.  A new friendship “bonds” the men together and a new franchise is “bourne.”  What do you think?  I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to see this movie.  My only worry is the owners of each franchise wouldn’t want to dilute their marque product by having him share star power with the other fellow. But I also think it would be incredibly short sighted if they believe in, you know… making lots of money.  I say bravo, Bud! (my dad’s nickname)

DYING for comments on this one!!  Anything to add?  Holes he/we didn’t consider?

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