LGBTQ Rights

I’m for them.

… is any other explanation needed?

It’s a no-brainer.  To me – debating LGBTQ rights is as much of an issue as asking if fish have a right to swim in the ocean.  But, far too many still don’t get it, hiding behind obscure Bible passages or just their own traditional/old fashioned code of what is right and wrong.  So the fight for these rights — and basic respect — continues.  I’ll hit on a couple specific issues here:

  • The term “Straight.” Is this to imply that gay people are “crooked?”  We need a better term, folks. “Straight” comes from a place of superiority. I’ll settle with being a heterosexual or non-gay person until a more appropriate term is developed… not that it’s anyone’s business, nor would I be walking around broadcasting my own sexual orientation.
  • Marriage – I tend to share what I believe is my God’s view: that God is pleased when any two people are in love and want to share their lives together. Why NOT let it be in a legal bond if they so choose? (remember — we humans created the state-run legal part). Explain to me how, in ANY way, the rights of gay and lesbian people to marry somehow weakens my own marriage? What — do they come to my house to heckle me or something? …Get cuts in line at the DMV?  Nope.  So this is not a “special right” they seek.  And if you think it is … you’re NOT part of “Todd Flora’s America.”

In MY mind, my marriage to Erin wasn’t as valuable UNTIL everyone had the right to marry.  How valuable could it be to have a special privilege others didn’t enjoy?  We must remain vigilant and continue to fight the ignorant bigots, or state governments, or County/local officials who continue to resist.

  • Adoption – Plenty of children needing families, plenty of gay couples, or even singles, who would like to raise a family. Again – another no-brainer, and this one even comes with a supply and demand principle sure to please the average “free market conservative.” It offends me that still too many in our own country think gay couples should go to the back of the line “until all non-gay couples have adopted,” or that somehow gay parents are determined to raise gay children. A person is born gay, folks. The only thing that will happen to those children is they’ll more likely grow up tolerant and loving, and conversely less likely grow up to be bigoted and narrow-minded.
  • Employment / Housing / Military Service – it’s none of your freakin’ business, and has nothing to do with how well someone can deliver a great ad pitch, sell a product, pay the rent, or serve our country. If you’re uncomfortable with it – get over it. YOU’RE the one with the problem.
  • Find me the “Christ’s words in red” from the Bible where Jesus denounces gay people? … I’ve got all life.  You know … Get back to me whenever.