Hey You — Help Me Pick a Fantasy Football Team Name


With just 1 week to go before this year’s oh so critical Fantasy Football draft, I’m once again in need of a cool team name. It doesn’t have to make total sense to everyone, but it does need to be fun for me and the few guys who will “get it.” With that, I am asking your help in voting for which name you think I should go with out of the following brainstorm (please register your vote in the “Comments” Section). Thanks!

  1. The Bear Island 62 – Game of Thrones reference / Lyanna Mormont’s fighting men. “Fan Geek” submission #1
  2. CSI: Your Face! – I’ll beat you so badly that a crime team will be needed to i.d. your remains?
  3. Pain! – terse and intimidating?
  4. Heads on a Swivel – “Anchorman” reference; but sounds nimble and tough, no? “Fan Geek” Submission #2
  5. My Best Friend – this one is a verbal trick that also speaks to my insecure need to be loved by my opponents. E.g. Guy 1: “Who is your team up against this week?” Guy 2: “My Best Friend.” …I may be the only person who thinks this is funny.
  6. Darth Maul-ing You – Star Wars character turned into a tough talking verb? “Fan Geek” Submission #3
  7.  The Red Sux – For my lifelong hatred of this team, which broke my Angel fan heart at 15 with the “Hendo Game” (2 friends in the league are also fans, so, it taunts…)
  8. Doby’s Many Treasures – Anchorman 2 reference to the family’s pet shark? “Fan Geek” Submission #4
  9. These are all terrible, go with _______________. (you must submit suggestion!)


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