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With awards season upon us, I thought it would be a good time to try out a Live Journal of thoughts, observations, and certainly some opinions. We start with Sunday’s Golden Globes, a regular laugh-fest where “the unpredictable” happens given the show’s reputation for being an alcohol soaked affair.

To finally class up this Website, my wife, Erin Tanenbaum, joins me for the commentary.


3:04 – Julianna Rancic makes it clear that her tan this year is natural, not a spray tan. I’m so relieved. I’m thinking this is a harbinger for a banner evening ahead.

(3:10 – Switch back to the Packer game, just in time to see yet another Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary miracle!)

3:11 – Erin and I both think Julianna Rancic’s dress is pretty … I am starting to not feel very manly. Also … do you think she and her husband Bill voted for Trump?  I worry about that (Bill was the very first Apprentice winner)

3:14 – Erin and I both wonder who Emily Ratajkwoski is … but apparently she’s arriving and this is of E! News level national importance.

3:16 – That guy Ross with the insanely high voice is now commentating. He’s entertaining, but an absolute human cartoon, no?

3:22 – Seacrest interviewing Mandy Moore, who towers over him (Erin: “Barbara Boxer probably towers over him.”). I love Many Moore. She might be on “my list.” Erin thinks she looks wonderful. I agree with whatever Erin says.

3:24 – Tracee Ellis Ross looking good, but Erin does not approve of all of the “ring bling.”

3:26 – Shot of Octavia Spencer arriving. Erin and I both love her. We discuss how she is someone we would want to be friends with in real life, and who we would want on our side. I mean, she would shit a pie for your out of friendship.

3:29 – Amy Adams. Erin doesn’t like the dress, but in her defense Erin thinks she can do anything. Oh, and it’s a Tom Ford dress, and he was her director in Nocturnal Animals, so… what are you going to do.

3:31 – Lily Collins talking with Julianna Rancic. Erin says, “They look like a beautiful fairytale.” It’s true. Two pixies in pixie like dresses for sure. … man card, completely gone at this point. Uh, oh. Lily Collins says she used to come to the Beverly Hilton for lunch, because she grew up here. “This is my neighborhood.” OOooooooo…. There’s being a little out of touch, and then there is TELLING everyone you’re a little out of touch.

3:35 – Natalie Portman with Seacrest (Damn… I really want to watch the Packers). This interview is overly serious. Natalie Portman doesn’t seem like she’s there for fun, or having any. Erin does remind me that it is hot today, and that she is pregnant. I instantly forgive Natalie… as I would in any situation, of course.

3:44 – Michelle Williams with BFF Busy Phillips. I love this duo. Busy Phillips is a riot… maybe she has been the healing factor for Michelle Williams?

3:54 – (Packers back on track. Randall Cobb!!)

3:57 – Sienna Miller. Wow. Erin: “She looks so classy.” We actually met her once at an IMC event. Stunning.

3:59 – Erin spots Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. “They look like they are wax museum figures.” Agreed. A LOT of work done on both of them.


4:59 – Are we supposed to like Jenna Bush?  Or at least find her acceptable at this point in history?  I think we are.

5:00 – Jimmy Fallon opening number. I’m just praying he doesn’t kiss everyone’s ass tonight and turn this into a game show…

It’s phenomenal!  La La Land theme with great cameos by big names. I particularly like the honked horn “waking up” Jon Snow.  Erin: “Brian Cranston is just awesome” (as he takes a huge swig of bubbly)

What were the odds Jimmy would use Timberlake in the opening?  8000% percent?  But it’s awesome.

5:08 – Popular vote joke. I love it.  Dead on Chris Rock impression. So Fallon, so good.  Trump comparison to King Joffrey … maybe he’s not going to be too objective.

5:12 – Aaron Taylor Johnson wins Supporting Actor for Nocturnal Animals. … I dooooooon’t think he was the favorite. The room seems to agree?

5:14 – Billy Bob Creepy wins for Goliath. Two people in the last 2 days have told me I need to watch. Well, I guess I’ll have to now. Ok, he’s off the rails a little with some joke for Bob Odenkirk. But hey – it’s the Golden Globes … it’s CRAZY!!

5:20 – Erin and I observe just how much Hugh Grant has aged. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

5:23 – Timothy Olyphant as presenter. The guy is so cool. Definite man crush, years in the making.

5:24 – Erin and I fist bump over the fact that Tracee Ellis Ross wins Best Actress in a TV comedy for Blackish. WE LOVE BLACKISH… AND WE LOVE HER THE MOST IN IT (well, besides Charlie)

5:27 – Atlanta wins for best TV Series, Musical or Comedy … Starting to think the Hollywood Foreign Press is making a statement — #GlobesSoDiverse

5:45 – JL-D “guest DJs” the bumper back from the commercial. Hysterical. And she’s the real deal. Take my word for it after spending 8 years with her on the Board of Heal the Bay.

5:47 – Hugh Laurie wins Best Supporting for a Limited Series or Movie. Erin and I fist bump, because “The Night Manager” was AMAZING. You have to watch this On Demand!  Laurie also KILLs it with the political humor. “the last ever Golden Globes” (because the words “Hollywood” “Foreign” and “Press” are in the title)

5:50 – Sofia Vergara presents the Stallone sisters as a trio of Miss Golden Globe … No. That is all.

5:51 – Sting, SHOCKINGLY AVAILABLE, to present an award

6:02 – Viola Davis for Fences. Erin: “How can you not?” It’s true. She should probably win every award. And we haven’t even seen Fences. Plus, she always gives the best speeches.

6:13 – Goldie Hahn … plastic DISASTER.

6:14 – The Gos Boss wins Best Actor, Comedy/Musical. Erin is furious. She hated La La Land (she just doesn’t get it).

6:22 – Damien Chazelle wins for best Original Screenplay for La La Land, and Erin is BESIDE HERSELF. “There is NO WAY this deserved best screenplay.”  She really hated this movie. It’s a shame I took her to see it for her birthday.

6:24 – Steve Carrell and Kristin Wiig presenting. Erin loves her dress.  Carrell kills it with “Fantasia Day.” Oh, and now Kristin Wiig with Bambi and putting the dogs down. This is classic. Could be the two best presenters of the night.

6:35 – Erin: “Oh, my God. It’s Joaquin.” (About Casey Affleck). Yep… they’re still here.

6:40 – John Turturro looks good. Also, once again – as we love the Night Manager, we’re psyched for Tom Hiddleston’s win for Best Actor for a Limited Series or Movie. … but what’s with his speech?  I’m kind of embarrassed for his “hey look at me, I went to the South Sudan and “soothed” people with a showing of The Night Manager.” … no, I don’t think so.

6:47 – I can’t believe I’m saying this, but there almost isn’t ENOUGH Jimmy Fallon. I think I want his childishness X 5 at this point.

6:51 – Claire Foy wins for The Crown!  We loved the crown. Have you read me discussion with my friend Andrea from college about The Crown:

6:53 – Ok… I love The Crown. But this season of Game of Thrones was beyond special. There is no way the Crown beats it for best Drama Series. This is crap. Sorry for so quickly turning on a favorite.

7:00 – Viola Davis is killing it in her own way dedicating the Cecil B. DeMille Award to Meryl Streep.

7:07 – Meryl… KILLING IT. Take that, Trumpateers. You sicken me, and she articulated all the reasons why.

7:14 – About the 11th ad for “50 Shades Darker.” Really?  … can you please just go away now?

7:21 – Chris Pine and Ben Affleck make it official … I am just not cool if I don’t grow some facial hair. #BeardsSoHotRightNow

7:32 – Matty D presenting Best Presenting Best Actress, Musical or Comedy. Emma Stone wins it. I think Erin is about to quit life after this La La Land night. “I have no respect.” (not for Emma Stone, but for this movie).

7:41 – I’ll have what Brad Pitt is having… whatever he’s going through, he’s wearing it well. Erin agrees.

7:43 – Jimmy goes with “Chastain and the Redmayne.” … yep. I knew the Tonight Show Jimmy would show up at some point.

8:04 – I’m returning after several minutes of fighting with college colleagues who are conservative, and resent Meryl Streep’s speech. Oh, what a surprise. It’s never a “good time” or “the proper venue” in their opinion to people to register liberal opinions. Blah blah blah.

I’m really glad Moonlight won for Best Picture, Drama. It was a great film and needs more recognition, though I thought Manchester By the Sea was Incredible as well. It’s going to be an interesting Oscar telecast!


  1. Loved it since I missed it.

    Oh by the way, Feb 25th, your Southhampton Saints will be feeling the loss to my Gunners. 7am in California. Where shall we meet??

  2. I loved the show!!! I missed the red carpet unfortunately :/. Jimmy Fallon was hilarious; I loved his Chris Rock impersonation as well! Of course tears swelled when Meryl Streep made her speech. I know many may have been annoyed or pissed but we have had celebrities vocalizing their political preference, agendas via entertainment platform forever!! Hell I remember when Clint Eastwood went off about Obama, no conservative whiners about that! The time when we really needed more celebrity backbone is now!

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