Erin Commits Olympics “Treason”

On Saturday, we took my dad out for his birthday/Father’s Day. We lunched at Duke’s in Malibu, a family favorite spot. It was lovely. Then the conversation took a strange turn…one that made we wonder who I had marred —

— Midway through our meal and pleasant conversation overlooking the ocean view, the subject of the Olympics came up. Ok, I thought. Good topic. I love sports and members of Todd Flora’s America always take pride in rooting on the ol’ U.S.-of-A. Then, out of nowhere, my wife says that she in particular always looks forward to the swimming events. So do I! (As you’ll see in my “Lists!” tab, U.S. Swimming dominance is a Todd Flora sports priority). But then it happens… Erin blurts out that she roots for Australia over the U.S. in swimming… our bitter rival in the sport. If I had water in my mouth I would have done a spit take!  Australia — you must be kidding me!  Then she mounted some lame defense that I don’t even remember, probably because I had stopped listening.

So, my question forTodd Flora’s America fans is this: Who do I hire as my divorce lawyer, (L.A. Law’s) Arnie Becker or (The Good Wife’s) David Lee?!

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Erin Tanenbaum
Erin Tanenbaum: I’ve got #OliviaPope so bring it on Flora!

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  1. I would say you most certainly should not hire Arnie….you are a very luck man that ET puts up with you. Having said that, my keyboard is indeed dripping wet with hot green macha tea from doing my own real spit take.

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