Canada! (at last!)

It only took me 45 years and 5 days, but on March 7, 2016, I arrived in Vancouver, BC, Canada (eh!).  It is absolutely beautiful here. In fact, I type this in the Vancouver Airport (YVR), wishing Erin was with me and we had the rest of the week to explore and perhaps head into the mountains. Even the airport has the feel of a cozy mountain lodge.

From the Fairmont Waterfront looking North/Northeast, each morning I could see the mountains but not the peaks, as low cloud cover made just how tall the mountains are a mystery.  The port berths and cranes give the city an industrial look to contrast it’s modern, very progressive physique.

I visited 3 distinct parts of town: Downtown — where the NACE “Corrosion 2016” conference took place in the city’s very modern, fairly new and impressive convention center. Great bars, restaurants, galleries, and even “woodsy” feeling gift shops adorn “Gastown,” in the north/north east portion of downtown.  Next, I lunched on Broadway, south of downtown near city hall in what is a prototypical business district.  Finally, I visited Yaletown/Granville St., which was rich with restaurant and bar life, and a mix of new and old shops (many old shops even boasted very old, 50s and 60s signage).

I hope to return and explore the area more in future years, and can definitely recommend the trip.  The people in Canada, it should come as no surprise, are incredibly friendly. I would say they top the Ausssies and may come close to rivaling the Irish.

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  1. It’s about time the general public can get a taste of Todd Flora’s America!! Can’t wait for more – thanks for sharing your insights and expertise with us!

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