A New Series — “My Weird Dream from Last Night”

I have really terrific, really weird dreams sometimes. A good share of “anxiety dreams,” but also sometimes some stuff that just makes you think … and requires help from YOU — my friends and readers — to offer your own translations of a dream’s meaning (in comments).

For the first in our series, I will be brief, but give you a real puzzler:

So, for some reason, I’m on an aircraft carrier in fairly choppy waters, and I could feel it… which, during the dream, I realized was counter to my friend Jason’s experience. He served in the Navy, and when I asked him what a carrier felt like in a bad storm, he said you could barely feel the difference. And I remember being disappointed by the fact that my experience didn’t square with his. Not disappointed in JASON, but disappointed that it WAS rough and choppy. But the real kicker is this — at some point, I find myself standing practically on the edge of the upper deck (despite the up and down of the waves), constantly afraid of falling off but seemingly unwilling to move, when out of nowhere Sen. Al Franken suddenly approaches me, in a suit, and says “Todd, aayyhhh, I want you to research drug treatment vs. drug interdiction (the drug “war”) for me and let me know the results.”  End dream.  Whaaaaaaat?  Somebody help me understand THAT one.

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